AUTOBAG* package offers customers a solution of high productivity, fast speed and superb accuracy. Before automatically filling and sealing, AUTOBAG's imprinter will print customized text or barcode directly onto bags without the needs of stickers, labels or cardboard headers.

*AUTOBAG is a registered trademark of Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.

In fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business and discount stores, products packed and displayed in pallets are quite popular. Shopkeeper moves pallets to desired location and takes off covered carton. Everything is done! FAITHFUL’s team is experienced to design different kinds of pallets according to product’s characteristics.
Promotion campaign is essential to stimulate sale. Hanging sidekick at both ends of rack is a popular display way of promotion items. Products are hung on mounted hooks in the factory. Shopkeepers only take off the carton, install sidekick and harvest uprising sale. After campaign ends, the sidekick is disposable which is more convenient than fixed rack.
Display space are always limited in the store. On-going products occupy the whole rack. Insufficient display space hinders the release of new products. The idea of permanent sidekick derived from traditional paper sidekick solves the problem. It is made of endurable plastic, steel and plywood. After quick installation just like traditional sidekick, new products are released to market.
Cut case is more popular than traditional inner box. When store receives products, shopkeepers only need to remove the lid of cut case to display products on shelves. This saves lots of labor cost. Typically, there are two kinds of cut cases. One is designed with a base and a lid, which is extremely convenient  for display but costs higher. The other needs a tearing process by adding perforated lines onto traditional inner box, which is economical but labor cost is higher.
Clip strip can collect up to twelve packs stack in plastic strip made of PP or PVC. It is usually hanged over side of rack or near checkout aisle. Promotion items or products that likely stimulate impulse purchase are suitable for this package. An S hook is packed within a clip strip package, which gives convenience to shopkeepers.
Paper box can be color printed in six sides to attract customer’s attention. Optionally, an open window with transparent plastic sheet is adopted to enable consumers to see the products inside.
PVC jar is made of polyvinyl chloride by plastic blowing. It is transparent and tough to hold hundreds or pounds of small articles, for example, nails and screws. Compared with paper box package, jar package endures much longer.
Clear folding box is an attractive and economical package. It is the perfect choice for combining the clarity of a clamshell or blister package with the graphics of a traditional box. Box can be made of general plastic sheets, such as PVC, PP and PVC.
PS box is made of polystyrene resin by plastic injection. It functions as the same as PP box. The appearance of PS box is much more transparent than that of PP box, which results in higher visibility of products. However, PS box is normally used for small mixed kits because its fragile feature is not suitable for big and heavy mixed kits.
PP box is made of polypropylene resin by plastic injection. Transparent appearance makes packaged products displayed clearly. Individual products are divided by fixed or adjustable partitions, which prevent mixing up. This is extremely useful for mixed kits.
Shrink wrap film is usually applied outside of other packages to keep clean and prevent theft. Sometimes, products are wrapped directly by film to be a commercial package. The film shrinks tightly over anything with the aide of heat. A label may be put inside or pasted outside. This kind of packaging reduces the consumption of unnecessary packaging materials. However, breakage of film often occurs, especially when there are sharp edges on products.
An advanced design of polybag with header heat-sealed. It eliminates the risk of injuries caused by staples. However, it needs advanced technology and few factories can perform this kind of package.
Put products into clear polybag and staple a header card at the open end of polybag. Product information is printed on header card. Paper header can also withstand higher loading than polybag.
When heavy products are packed in soft polybag, hanging hole may distort or break. Reinforced header polybag is designed to solve this problem. A support sheet is added to header portion to strengthen hanging capability. The bag still meets the requirement of recycling because bag and sheet are made of same plastics. Fabricating this bag requires several special processes. Therefore, only a few factories can supply this kind of package.
Product information is printed on polybag before packaging. Put products into polybag and heat seal the end of polybag. The material cost is relatively low, but minimum order quantity (MOQ) to meet economical scale is high.
This is an advanced design of double blister. Flange feature allows side sealing instead of front sealing. It reduces the space that blister occupies on shelf but retains full dimension of printed card. Blister edge is hidden behind and unavoidable burr will not be seen by customer. Elegance is another benefit. However, it needs advanced technology and few factories can perform this kind of package.
Double blister pack is to place products and a printed card between upper and lower blister. There is cavity(s) on upper blister and/or lower blister to hold products. Heat sealing surround the edges joins upper and lower blister firmly together. It is not possible to open products without breaking blister with knife or other tools; therefore,  security is the outstanding merit of this package.
Polybox is an advanced design of clamshell with inserted card. A molded protrusion is designed at the back bottom of clamshell enabling it to stand without any support. The front bottom with a calculated contour is utilized to hold the previous box’s back bottom with molded protrusion, which ensures the boxes can be stacked closely in line. With cut case, polybox displays perfectly on the shelf.
Instead of label wrapping outside, another option of package is to place printed insert card under products inside the blister. Staple, hot seal or ultrasonic seal is used to join folded blister.
Blister is designed to a two similar portions on each sides and a linkage conjunction. It looks like clamshell when people fold it. The linkage conjunction functions as hinge. Fold and assemble two portions together after products are put into molded cavity. It's usually applied with wrap-around label to prevent open before sold.
Slide-in Blister is blister with three folded edges. Slide printed card into folded edges of blister and staple it to prevent the card from sliding out. Small parts might drop out due to the clearances between blister and card. Therefore, this package is normally used for larger products.
After vacuum forming and cutting, plastic sheet is processed to be blister with molded cavity to hold products. A glued printed card was heat sealed to blister to become a complete pack.
Skin package is a type of carded packaging where product is placed on a card, and a thin transparent plastic film is hot-sealed over the product and card with the aid of heat and vacuum. It does not need molding but the positions products bonded to card might vary. Film made from PVC is widely used in common skin package. Surlyn film developed by DuPont is the advanced material to achieve higher clarity, durability and strength.
Barcode/logo direct printing is Faithful’s own particular technique. Barcode and logo in acceptable resolution are printed directly on the surface of products. Barcode can be scanned in retail stores. This creates the uniqueness of products and reduces labor cost noticeably. It has cost advantage over pretag. Also, consumers do not need to remove annoying stickers from the products.
Pretag means to apply a sticker with printed information to the surface of product. It is especially suitable when retail unit is piece and does not need any package protection. Pretag can save the cost of package material; however, its labor cost is  high.