High Speed CCD Counting & Packaging Machine

In order to constantly improve our production efficiency, Faithful decided to introduce the high speed CCD counting & packaging machine to our factory.


Through the high-speed CCD camera, the materials were monitored and counted accurately before being poured into a package. The new machine is expected to reduce error rate of counting during packaging process. Besides, it is suitable especially for M6 to M12 nut packaging.


For more package options, please check our customer support section

Faithful Celebrates the 45th B-day

Faithful celebrated the 45th anniversary via a big ceremony this year!


Since Faithful’s inception in 1974, we have accumulated decades of experiences in providing a wide range of products and offering a total solution for customers. Besides, thanked to our employees’ hard works and unconditional dedications, we were able to complete every mission that customers gave to us.


Reflecting on 45 years in business, we have all the trust and support from customers, which motivate us to constantly improve and grow.


Happy Birthday to Faithful!

Xihu Expansion Project Completed!

On March 1st, Faithful officially announced the Xihu Factory has completed its expansion project which began in 2015.


The current building area in our Xihu factory was almost 5 times bigger than the previous one established in 2011. Besides, it was built with an AS/RS warehouse and equipped Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).


After this big expansion project, we can increase 4 times capacity per month. And all the automotive facilities would help us to improve our efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing.

CE EN 14566 & 14592

We are proud to announce that Faithful is now CE EN 14566 & 14592 certified.


EN 14566 specifies the characteristics and performance of mechanical fasteners intended to be used for the fixing of gypsum plasterboard to timber and metal in building construction works.


EN 14592 specifies the requirements and test methods for materials, geometry, strength, stiffness and durability aspects of dowel-type fasteners for using in load bearing timber structures.


These European Standards specify also the evaluation of conformity procedures and include requirements for marking of these products.


With CE marking, our products are freely to sell throughout 30 countries of the EEA (European Economic Area).


Detachable Glide Save Fixing Time

Our Detachable PTFE Glide with a replaceable cup can save you a lot of fixing time.


Traditional screw-on glide always consumes abundant time on pulling out the glide nail in order to install a new one. However, our glide has a replaceable cup, so you can easily take off the damaged cup and clip on a new one to replace it.


Only two steps to make sure your furniture move smoothly and keep your floor zero-scratches.


* Stud is suitable for both 22 mm & 30 mm cups.


Perfect Glide to Protect Your Floor

Our new Screw-on Felt Glide comes with a new process to strengthen the conjunction between felt and base. Traditional felt-adhesive glides might fall off easily with time and leave a mark on the floor.


In order to solve the problem, we directly inject TPR base on felt to make sure they will hold together firmly. Besides, we have an extra felt dot to cover screw head and prevent scratches. 


Our new solution of floor care not only  improves the durability of felt but also makes moving furniture easy and quite.


*Available sizes from 25 to 70 mm.

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