Since founded in 1974, we have been exporting high quality prepacked hardware and fasteners to most parts of the world, especially North America, Australia, Europe and Japan. We have received good reputation and significant sales growth in home improvement field.

Our headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan. We have two factories. All of them are equipped with innovated machines and ERP system.

Our ERP system ensures accurate ordering and manufacturing process. Therefore, incoming/outgoing materials and inventory are well managed which helps us to ensure punctual delivery. 

In terms of quality, a QC lab had been set up to assure quality of our products.

In our R&D department, we have experienced engineers employing 3D CAD to simulate product’s performances and appearance before any prototype has been made. Through this process, customer’s product development costs will be largely reduced.

In summary, Faithful is capable to provide products with reliable supply, premium quality and competitive price which will strengthen your global sourcing energy.